The assessment of potentials of renewables
The concept method to determine the potential of cost effective renewable energy sources needs to be tested and improved.  This improved method will then be implemented in the partners' ports.

How will we do this?​​

The ports will employ the methodology so as to determine the potential for cost effective renewable energy solutions independantly. Afterwards the results of all ports will be compared and concluded. Also the method will be evaluated and improved.
employ methodology

The ports of Oostende and Hellevoetsluis will employ the methodology  independantly, coordinated bij HZ. Omgevingsdienst IJmond will also carry out a desk-research on the potentials of renewable energy sources on company level and on the potential of flexible utilization of local renewable energy production and by making use of a smart grid.
comparing ports

A workshop will show the results of port partners determinations regarding the potentials of renewables in their ports. It will also conclude the differences and similarities between the ports and what the results mean for them. Also the method used will be evaluated.
workshop report

Based on the evaluation the general method and calculation tool will be improved. Also guidelines and formats will be made so the method and tool can be used by all ports in the 2 Seas area.
These steps will result in a validated general method and calculation tool to determine the economical potential of renewables (wind, solar, wave and tidal) in port areas. HZ University of Applied Sciences will develop this method in close cooperation with the other knowledge partners, but also with port partners and partners as Blue PowerSynergy and IndaChlor.