Portsmouth City Council (UK)

Partner description

Portsmouth International Port is Britain’s best connected port.  Situated on the South Coast, ferries and ships benefit from easy access to the English Channel. Passengers also get an easy ride – the port is built right next to the UK motorway network with fast, direct road and rail links to and from London, the South East of England and beyond.

The thriving ferry, shipping and cruise business makes Portsmouth International Port the UK’s premier port for the western channel. It is home to one of the nation’s newest passenger terminals, which is also among the most eco-friendly buildings in Britain. This, and other investment in new facilities, highlights a forward thinking attitude that keeps the Port flexible and competitive in an ever-changing market place.

You can find more info on Porthsmouth City Council on their website.

Role in PECS

Portsmouth International Port is committed towards its environmental credentials and where possible looks for low-carbon alternatives. Following a need to commission a new linkspan, which acts as a floating bridge between the quay and a ferry, it was decided to look at ways to make sure this met the port’s green objectives. Interreg 2 Seas funding from PECS project has allowed the team at the port to explore ways in which this could be achieved.

​Presentation of Portsmouth City Council at the PECS Opening Conference in Southampton, dd. 29-01-2018: download