Medium sized wind turbine​​

The installation of an innovative medium sized wind turbine in the martime environment of the port of Oostende


The port of Oostende has installed a medium-sized wind turbine on the offshore area in the outer port, in order to provide electricity to the activities on the Rebo terminal and related areas and the Ostend Offshore village, which is expanding.

​It concerns a wind turbine for a capacity of 100KW with a direct drive system and a max height of 50 meters. It has a certified power curve of 200 000 kWh at an average wind speed of 5,2 m/s. An online monitoring system is included in order to follow up the gathered data 24/7 and in order to deliver the relevant statistics.

​The wind turbine has been installed and officially opened on the 7 th June 2018.


The port of Oostende is ever expanding and lately major users of energy have installed their activity on the site, like the FALCK training center. Therefor energy is in high demand and an efficient solution had to be found. Middel sized wind turbines are ideal for decentral energy production. These type of turbines are installed closer to the consumer where the produced energy is directly used. ​​Because of the proximity of the airport, amongst other things, it is not possible in Oostende to install a big multi Mega Watt wind turbine.  That is why the port chose a valid alternative, a medium sized wind turbine. 
The simplicity, low maintenance cost and the high energy yield of the XANT wind turbine were alle major assets for the Port of Oostende to decide to choose for the Flemish supplier XANT. This company has excellent experience in the renewable energy sector and offer easy solutions with the Xant turbines to address challenges of installing and running wind turbines in remote locations (especially in developing countries). The most failure-prone parts have been eliminated or simplified in their turbines, ensuring maximum run-time with minimal maintenance. More info: www.xant.com  

This prototype will be installed for the first time in a maritime environment and its aim is to be sulf-sufficient as to energy supply, following some of the conclusions of the project "Duurzame Havens". Within the project, it is necessary to identify the best location taking into consideration the different interests (nature, maritime security, reflection and air security, wind, energy supply, energy storage, etc). The produced energy will be used for the Port of Oostende itself.


What the Port of Oostende is demonstrating here, is a perfect example of decentral energy production. In this case, the generated energy will be used locally and will not be sent to the grid. The energy consumption on the Rebo site and its related areas will be identified, and the excessive energy delivered by the wind turbine will be used in thermal storage systems for hot water and/or an electrolyser will be installed to deliver hydrogen, that could be used as a green fuel for transportation of goods.

It is the objective to evaluate the production of the energy and the functioning of this windmill, including the assessment of the business and environmental added value, as well as the impact of the direct maritime conditions on the construction, the steel and the paint. Considering the fact that the Ostend Offshore village is expanding, there is a need to revise the energy-system on the overall site in order to guarantee a full energy service in a cost efficient way. Therefore a revision of the energy supply system, the energy storage and distribution-system is necessary, including the maintenance.

Timeline and events

The medium sized wind turbine has been installed in the first half of 2018 and is now functioning.

The eye whitness report of the official opening can be read here


During the process of tendering and realisation of the pilots the tools and methods developed by the knowledge partners will be used, tested and validated by the pilot partners. The monitoring format, developed by the knowledge partners, will be used to prepare the monitoring (sensoring, measurement and analyses) of the pilots.

Results of these test and monitoring will be disclosed through this site as soon as possible, so stay tuned!