PECS pilots
Overview of the PECS pilots

Port of Oostende - medium sized windmill

The port of Oostende has installed a medium-sized wind turbine on the offshore area in the outer port, in order to provide electricity to the activities on the Rebo terminal and related areas and the Ostend Offshore village, which is expanding.​​
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Port of Portsmouth - linkspan

Portsmouth port installed a new linkspan powered by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). The new linkspan will emit far fewer emissions than conventional fossil fuels. The  unit, which is 400 tonnes heavier than its predecessor, takes more weight and operates more quickly. Critically this allows a greater amount of time for the ship to make her channel crossing allowing for fuel savings and reduced carbon production.   ​​
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Gemeente Hellevoetsluis

The municipality of Hellevoetsluis will realise pilots on energy cooperation structure, small windmills and solar panels on dike bodies.  ​​ This pilot has not been started yet.

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Omgevingsdienst IJmond

The environmental protection agency Omgevingsdienst IJmond will invest in IT-systems and technologies for the development of a Local Energy Market platform (LEM-platform) that enables flexible renewable energy distribution in the port of IJmond.
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Blue Power Synergy - energy pontoon

Blue Power Synergy (BPS) will build and test a 24 meters long pontoon equipped with wind and solar production. A 250KWh storage is to be incorporated into this system.  This installation will be tested in Oostende and in Hellevoetsluis over the project period. 
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IndaChlor - waste recycling unit

IndaChlor has the intention of building a new treatment plant at Loon Plage/Dunkirk to recycle chlorinated and production waste in order to recover chlorine in the form of hydrochloric acid, to be used in nearby businesses. The energy produced during IndaChlor's treatment process will be recycled through a steam turbine. One  fifth will be valorised into electricity, the remainder of the energy in the steam is sold as heat to an existing neighbouring company at their appropriate steam conditions via a pipeline. 

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