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07/06/2018, Official opening of Xant medium sized wind turbine in the Port of Ostend was a succes

On 7 June, the inauguration of the Xant medium sized wind turbine, one of the 2 pilots of the Port of Oostende, has been installed at the REBO offshore wind terminal in the presence of Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein. 

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14/05/2018, Save the date - Official opening of Xant medium sized wind turbine in the Port of Ostend will take place on 7 June

The Port of Ostend and Xant invite you on Thursday 7 June for the official inauguration of the Xant wind turbine that has been installed at the REBO offshore wind terminal of the Port of Oostende.  More information on the program and registration can be found at this link.

18/04/2018, BPS rotor tests going on at the Port of Ostend 

PECS partner Blue Power Synergy is currently testing the rotor of their energy pontoon in the port of Ostend.   Enjoy the footage below!

22/03/2018, the PECS pilot of the Portsmouth International Port, the new linkspan, is operational

A new more efficient linkspan has just come into operation at Portsmouth International Port, the latest multi million pound investment in new facilities at Britain’s Best Connected Port.   The linkspan, which is best described as a drawbridge for getting vehicles on and off ferries, is now in use at Berth 4. It follows a tightly choreographed operation to install and commission it after a three day sea crossing from Deest in Holland where it was manufactured. [...]

15/03/2018, project meeting, Hellevoetsluis (NL)

​On 15 March, the third project meeting of the PECS project took place in Hellevoetsluis, hosted by project partner Gemeente Hellevoetsluis.   During the meeting, the project consortium also visited the dry dock Jan Blanken , which resulted in some very nice pictures.

14/03/2018, Power-Link UGent and HZ University of Applied Sciences make a study visit to 3 ports of Gemeente Hellevoetsluis

On March the 14th, a delegation of Power-Link UGent and HZ University of Applied Sciences have made a visit to Gemeente Hellevoetsluis.  They were invited there to analyse the implementation of renewable energy technologies in 3 ports of Hellevoetsluis: Veerhaven, Marina Cape Helius/ Marina Hellevoetsluis and Heliushaven.   Together with the stakeholders, they investigated different options that are possible, taken into account the acoustic and height limitations that are imposed by the Muncipality of Hellevoetsluis. 

Some pictures to give an impression of the most interesting visit:

29/01/2018, Successfull Opening Conference at Southampton

The PECS Opening Conference at Southampton has been a great succes!  More than 55 participants were present, from 5 European countries and diverse PECS target groups (marine industry, ports, local authorities, consultants, knowledge institutions,...) that followed the presentations, participated to the workshops and got the chance to do some networking.  Some pictures to reflect the athmosphere...

19/01/2018, Opening conference, workshops and B2B:
'How to make your SME port or marina more energy-efficient in a cost-efficient way', Southampton (UK)

SAVE THE DATE!   On 19 Januari 2018, the PECS project start conference will take place at the Solent University at Southampton.   

What:        Opening conference, workshops and B2B: 'How to make your SME port or marina more energy-efficient in a cost-efficient way'
When :     Friday, 19/01/2018 (9h30-17h00)
Where:     Southampton, Solent university (East Park Terrace, Southampton, UK)
PECS is an international cooperation project within the framework of the Interreg 2 Seas program, involving knowledge institutions, port authorities, industry and public authorities.  The project focuses on the reduction of carbon within ports and marinas in a cost efficient way, by implementing different technologies on land and in the water.  
What will be covered by the conference:
  • Energy efficiency in ports and marina’s: challenges and opportunities
  • Energy audit in ports and marina’s and data collection
  • Carbon reduction pilots in ports, implementing different energy technologies (wind, solar, heath, wave)
  • Innovation in ports in the field of energy efficiency and marine industry
  • Energy efficiency and recuperation by the port industry

Full program:

  • 12.30 – 13.30: Lunch + B2B networking

  • 15.15 – 15.35: Feedback workshops + panel discussion with initiators and workshop leaders
  • 15.35 – 15.45: Conclusions of the workshops
  • 15.45 – 16.00: Conclusions and closing of the conference (Paul Gerard, CEO of port of Oostende)
  • 16.00 – 17.00:  Reception

Who is concerned and very much welcome:
  • Managers of ports and marinas
  • Marine industry
  • Knowledge institutions, working in field of
  • Technology providers, focusing on carbon reduction and energy efficiency
  • Local authorities managing ports
  • Suppliers to ports and marinas
  • Port construction companies

 10 boots are available for companies wanting to demonstrate their innovative energy efficiency solutions for ports and marinas. 

We are looking forward to welcome you at the opening conference!!
More information about the event and the boots:
To register, please fill in the form below:
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29/11/2017, project meeting, Ijmond (NL)

On 29 November, the second project meeting of the PECS project took place in Ijmond, hosted by project partner Omgevingsdienst Ijmond.  Topics on the agenda were the outline of WP1, an introduction to the BISEPS project and the first communication  workshop.

09-10/10/2017, kickoff meeting, Ostend (BE)

On 9 and 10 October, the first project meeting of the PECS project took place in Ostend, hosted by lead partner the Port of Ostend.