Omgevingsdienst IJmond (NL)

Partner description

Omgevingsdienst IJmond is the environmental protection agency for 17 municipalities and the province of North-Holland, The Netherlands. They have been the main contact regarding environment for the area for seventeen years.
The municipalities are spread over the regions IJmond, Waterland and Zuid-Kennemerland where they encounter different types of environment like heavy industry (IJmond), entertainment areas (Zuid-Kennemerland) and livestock farming (Waterland). Their field of operations comprises over 10.000 companies and about 560.000 inhabitants.
With about 120 colleagues the agency carries out tasks regarding environmental management, law enforcement and nature conservation. The organisation is the executing agency for issuing permits and enforcing law based on the Environmental Management Act. They supervise companies on several legislations such as construction laws, environmental laws and also alcohol legislation and fire safety.
Through environmental policy they press themes like sustainability, air quality and mobility & infrastructure. In addition they provide education on environmental affairs and changing legislation to inhabitants, companies, municipalities and other government agencies.

You can find more info on the Omgevingsdienst IJmond on their website.

Role in PECS

Omgevingsdienst IJmond (ODIJ) is proud to be a partner in the PECS pilot project. As an environmental protection agency working for municipalities who are striving for sustainability they are motivated to contribute to an operable outcome of this project.
The main investment ODIJ will make is the development of a Local Energy Market-platform. The LEM-platform is a potential solution for coping with increased pressure on the electricity grid stemming from significant uptake of renewable energy sources.
In service of above mentioned investment ODIJ will contribute to the development and enhancing of the various audit tools that the knowledge partners will develop. They realise this by testing existing audit tools in our project area developed by the Dutch research institute TNO.
Another part of the project where ODIJ will contribute in is setting up an energy cooperation structure in the port area.
As a pilot partner they share the obtained knowledge and experience with the other partners.

​Presentation of Omgevingsdienst Ijmond at the PECS Opening Conference in Southampton, dd. 29-01-2018: download