Gemeente Hellevoetsluis (NL)

Partner description

Hellevoetsluis is a town in the south west of Holland with approximately 40.000 inhabitants. Hellevoetsluis is located at the Haringvliet, close by the North Sea. Since the 17th century up until today the history of Hellevoetsluis has been connected with water. Hellevoetsluis was the homebase and departure harbour of the heroic Admirals Maarten Tromp, Michiel de Ruyter and Piet Heyn.
Nowadays The Haringvliet is being used increasingly for national and international watersport events. Hellevoetsluis is one of the largest watersport centres in Holland with 2000 mooring places spread over six harbours.

Hellevoetsluis has participated in different 2 Seas Projects namely: Yacht Valley, Walls and Gardens and the Clusterproject Sustainable Ports (SuPorts). In de Yacht Valley project Hellevoetsluis has realised a workshed near the historical dry-dock and is busy realising a sustainable nautical service area in the Veerhaven.

Within the clusterproject Sustainable Ports, Hellevoetsluis has elaborated a policy on sustainability for the harbour area. The ultimate goal is to realize an energy neutral port in 2040.  With the project Ports Energy and Carbon Saving (PECS) Hellevoetsluis is looking for feasable sustainable solutions to reduce carbon in ports.

Hellevoetsluis is a member of de European Walled Towns.

You can find more info on Gemeente Hellevoetsluis on their website.

Role in PECS

The role of Hellevoetsluis in the PECS project is to try out the instruments elaborated on low carbon technologies, to carry out feasibility studies on sustainable energy options in harbours and to realise pilots on energy cooperation structure, small windmills and solar panels on dike bodies.