A decision making tool
To select the best mix of renewables and energy saving options, a tool will be developed, with which ports can identify the best choices. This tool will make use of the previously mentioned methods and tools.

How will we do this?​​

A method will be developed to determine the potential of energy savings options in SMS ports and port operating companies.
strategy for the tool

The decision making tool will be based on merit-order strategy. First the "best option" will be defined, on the basis of economy (lowest costs, or max environmental effect). Options for supply and demand of energy will be ranked in ascending and decending order, the intersection giving the best options.

A general layout of the energy management strategy according to EMS ISO 50001 will be developed. The strategy will decide which energy source (including storage) will be effective (in operation), depending on the available sources and demand.
optimisation tool

To facilitate ports (including those outside PECS) appropriate tools
will be developed for the optimation of selected low energy options.


The methods for decision making and energy management, as well as the tools, will be described in a report, that will be distributed amongst interested ports and port operating companies.
The concept method to select the best mix of low carbon options within SMS-ports will be further tested and improved by employing this method in partners' ports. 

Based on the steps described above a general and validated method including tools to select the best mix of low carbon options will be developped by the partnership,  with Ghent University in the lead.