Blue Power Synergy - energy pontoon

The development of a 12 meters long self-supporting energy pontoon equipped with wind and solar production, including energy storage


Blue Power Synergy is an Ostend based company that specialises in affordable renewable energy systems. The name of the company is composed by the actual work they do: to create a synergy between wind and sun, on the water, to have a reliable production of energy. The mission of Blue Power Synergy is to provide sustainable energy systems for a better tomorrow.

The PECS project makes it possible for the tech developer to invest in a prototype of an energy pontoon, to gain a track record on a European level and to get third party controlled data. 
In the course of 2017 and 2018, a prototype of a self-supporting energy pontoon , including different technologies for renewable
energy production and flexible energy storage facilities, will be developed , constructed and tested within the port of

The first phase refers to the development on the quay wall, the second phase is the effective testing of the self-supporting energy pontoon at different locations in the water in the port (in the outer port / in the inner port) to make sure it works efficiently under several maritime conditions.


Within the port areas - especially in ports which have remote activities - energy provision and energy production is a very expensive item. The demand for energy is not big enough or not steady enough in order to justify the permanent construction for the fixed supply of energy.
In order to cope with these challenges and in order to come to a more cost efficient and energy efficient supply of energy within the port of Oostende on the waterfront, the port of Oostende is going to test the prototype of an energy pontoon, including different types of renewable energy technologies, whereby the utility of the pontoon as a pontoon is still being considered in a safe way.

The idea is then to move the installation to the port of Hellevoetsluis, where the prototype of the energy pontoon will get an extra dimension, namely the function of a breakwater. Therefore, minor adaptations need to be made in order to capture the energy of the waves and to protect the port against the rolling of the waves. This should be tested in 2018/2019. ​​​


The first phase of the project is to develop and test the energy pontoon and the integrated technologies for the production of renewable energy and energy storage on shore. 
A 40-foot prototype of the modular container based production and storage unit is in production and is being tested on quay in the harbour. The unit uses vertical axis wind turbines covering a +36m2surface and has about +100m2 photovoltaic roof surface.

​In a next phase the floating energy pontoon, equipped with solar and wind energy production and a storage container, will be tested, both in the ports of Oostende and Hellevoetsluis where suitable sites will be identified in function of safety, security, logistics, environment, wind, wave and solar.  There will be one site in the inner and one in the outer port.

Pilot project specifications:

  • dimensions: 24m long by 5m wide and 6m high
  • wind walls: 2 x 36m²
  • PV solar roof: 100m²
  • thermal solar roof: 100m²
  • storage capacity: 250KWh
  • average production 30 to 50KW
  • carbon saving: 176 tons/year
  • ROI: 6-10 years (depends on the location)  

Timeline and events

The 12 meters long energy pontoon is in its final developing and building stage and will be tested in the port of Oostende in the spring of 2019. After a couple of months the pontoon will be tested under different circumstances in the harbour of Hellevoetsluis.


Carbon reduction

The energy pontoon is expected to save 176 ton of carbon emissions a year.